we are the drone agency

vertinetik is a drone solutions startup aiming to simplify agricultural technology adoption and guide small and medium sized growers in their journey towards digital transformation.

at vertinetik, the satisfaction of our customers is the center of our attention. in this developing world of agritech, we strive to stay on top of current events, we are continuously updating our technology offering and finding tailor-made, cost-effective and down-to-earth solutions. safety, efficiency, and reliability are our upmost standard.

we value teamwork, honesty, and social competence. we sincerely care for the environment and focus on compliance with laws and regulations.

we hope we can support your company in contributing to the development and proliferation of drone applications in agriculture

we are part of GEP

We are delighted to announce,that we have been accepted into the Department of International Trade – Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) in our efforts to expand into the United Kingdom. GEP focuses on supporting overseas entrepreneurs and helps innovative businesses with growth potential to realize it’s ambitions in the UK.Our company is very pleased to be part of this fast growing, innovative and unique global network as we open our first office in England, at the Agri-Epicenter in the Midlands.

We are looking forward to it, as we are starting to use this opportunity to test the next generation of farming techniques and technology. We are confident that this partnership will enable us to create a strong foundation for further global expansion and strengthen our network and competitive edge in the market.